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Cross Country: Beyond Rhyme and Reason

Cross country. I’m not sure which sadistic person decided that running laps around a wet, boggy, muddy field with a huge hill or two on each lap in minimal running clothing would be fun. It sounds more like torture to…

Run Fantastic: Time to Give Up?

Run Fantastic: Time to Give Up?

Well, Conkers Run Fantastic has started and what a week it has been! 361 workouts so far! While I hope you’re healthy and uninjured, colds and niggles can strike at any time. Which is why we’ve given you a Conkers Run…

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Run Fantastic: Dream Big!

Well Conkers Run Fantastic has started and it’s “Go, go go!” Let’s get stuck in and hit our targets for the first week of Conkers Run Fantastic. As I mentioned in a previous blog post it’s not about achieving 100%, it’s…

Run Fantastic

Kas’ Top Tips for Run Fantastic

If you’re thinking about joining Conkers Run Fantastic 2016, welcome! Success isn’t guaranteed but with the support of your teammates and a fun competitive element, joining Run Fantastic gives you a better chance of achieving your Spring running goals. Whilst we…

Focus on the journey marathon training

Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination

That’s it, I’ve completed five weeks of consistent running without the calf injury re-occuring. To say I’m happy is an understatement. During this time I’ve also managed to increase my long runs up to 15 miles, so I’m well on the…

Boston Marathon acceptance

The Road to the Boston London Double Begins Here

The road to the Boston London double begins here, by getting back into the routine of training.

Beacon Hill Trail Half

Beacon Hill Trail Half review

Review of the Beacon Hill Trail Half Marathon

RICE and a mug of tea

It’s All About Getting to the Start Line

It was going so well, in fact I was saying so just yesterday to Tim and Gillian. Yesterday I was also having a conversation with a running friend and it was about making sure you get to the start line…



I am super excited – and proud, and amazed – to announce that I have been selected to be an ambassador for INKnBURN. For those of you that don’t know, INKnBURN is a small Californian company that makes women’s and…

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Ultramarathon Training: Mixing It Up

I’m exhausted today and I’ve just about made it upstairs in time to plug the laptop in before it dies due to lack of battery, and after a break from talking about the training for a few weeks I’m back…