Could You Run a Marathon and Not Tell Anyone?

Could You Run a Marathon and Not Tell Anyone?

Somebody once said that climbing Everest is a challenge, but the bigger challenge would be to climb it and not tell anybody. The same is probably true for running a marathon. Would you admit that you’re only running a marathon…

This Is Not What I Planned

This Is Not What I Planned

It’s been an age since I last blogged, life gets in the way and with a new full-time job (that was a shock to the system after working part-time for nearly 10 years) blogging wasn’t really a priority. Since my…

marathon training plan

Marathon Training Plan 2017

OK, here we go. Again! Christmas and New Year is over and my marathon training plan is go! I’ve got 12 and a half weeks to get marathon fit since my goal race is the Greater Manchester Marathon on the…

cross country running

My First Cross Country Race of the Season is Looming

Injury does a funny thing to you. I’m sitting here on Monday evening and I’m actually looking forward to my first cross country (XC) race of the season this Saturday. The weather has already turned blummin’ freezing, and in typical…

Running the London Marathon

Running plans for 2017

Since I’m sitting here unable to run due to injury I’ve got lots of time on my hand to plan what races I’m going to be doing in 2017. So here’s my current thinking, it focuses on three main areas….

manchester half marathon start

The Manchester Half and a non-running injury

I’m injured. Not actually a running injury but it is stopping me from running (boo, hiss). It started a couple of weeks ago just before the Manchester Half Marathon with the flemmy throat, but apart from that I didn’t actually…

Attempting to run the first 13 miles of the UTMB

Attempting to run the first 13 miles of the UTMB

Whilst I’m inspired by the UTMB I’ve never actually wanted to do it – a fact Kev is probably eternally grateful for – but when Kev suggested that we take this year’s holiday in the Northern Alps about two weeks…

Running journey

Run Fantstic: It’s Not About Perfection

That’s it January is done, so well done on completing January! It’s time to brace yourself for another month of commitment in February, so let’s jump back on the motivation train and get those weekly distance challenges underway. Let’s get…

consistency is king

Run Fantastic: Consistency is King!

The first three weeks of Conkers Run Fantastic have flown by. Just a month ago we we’re wondering how many, and what type of weekly workouts we’d do for January and now it’s time to up our game for another…

awesome community

Run Fantastic: The Power of Community

We’re two weeks in and the mojo train is flying along like a madman on a camel! But it’s time to start thinking about February and in particular your targets for February. To set your targets log into the spreadsheet and…